Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Soon??

I am not surprised to see the Obama administration's disregard and disdain for Israel, but I am surprised that it has been unleashed so soon and so blatantly. Below are some news sources you will want to check out on this matter.


Headline: "Obama to Pour Nearly $1 billion into Gaza". For what? Relief to Hamas to help rebuild Gaza. Hmmm - why wouldn't he give the money to Israel who actually owns the land? True believers in Christ who live in Palestinian territory actually long to be under Israel. Why would he give the money to this terrorist group that tries to masquerade as a government? Why doesn't this make big-time news when the economy is supposed to be the major issue? Is anyone upset about the US government giving away another billion dollars to anyone, let alone a terrorist group in the middle east?

This only shows that the economic crisis is a smokescreen for the more major, global, spiritual crisis - the international rejection of Israel. How interesting that a billion dollars can slip past almost everyone in the midst of an economic crisis.


Headline: "Anti-Israel Hamas-embracer to be Named US Intel Chief"

Chas W. Freeman, Jr. has been named as the new head of the National Intelligence Council. He is quoted in this article as having said, "Supporting Israel is not in America's best interests." Hmmm - and all while the Secretary of State is out of the country.

If the administration leadership has read Genesis 12:3, 15:18, 35:9-12, and 50:24, they surely do not believe these verses to be true or authoritative. They fail to accept that this land is promised to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, not the seed of Ishmael or Esau. To try to take a position of neutrality is to fail to support Israel. To aid Israel's enemies is to curse her. One can only wonder what is coming next and how soon - what will discussions with Iran produce? How many more billions will that cost?


Headline: "What a PM Netanyahu Faces From Washington"

Many evangelicals are glad that Netanyahu is back in leadership in Israel. But he faces an America that is not likely to help him as in the past.


This is a helpful video called "What Really Happened In the Middle East".

As Israel's position grows weaker and weaker, the likelihood of the nearness of coming 70th Week of Daniel/Tribulational events grows stronger and stronger.

Even so ... Maranatha.


  1. Add one more link to this article:


    It appears now that Hillary Clinton, who in the past has made supportive statements about Israel, is now under the thumb of her boss. Or maybe her true colors are now showing.

  2. i heard an appealing argument from a brother recently.

    if everyone is anti-israel, and israel gets weaker, why would they ever sign a treaty with her...wouldn't they just seek to wipe her out? (as they have tried to do before).

    it seems more compelling that israel will continue to gain strength in the middle east, with all these nations finally seeking peace with her in an attempt to restrain her...thus resenting the treaty and being anxious to break it.

    what do you think?

  3. Hi Danny . . .

    Well could be, but it seems that the treaty will be for the purpose of allowing Israel to again make sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which puts Israel on the receiving end of a concession from the anti-messiah. See Daniel 9:27. I do not see the "treaty" (covenant) as being between Israel and other nations, but between Israel and the anti-messiah (who will have the other nations under his control). Such would be his plot to bring Israel under His control, so it will be his intent to break the treaty from thr start (after all he is the controlled by the father of lies).

  4. but why would he make any concessions if Israel is on the brink of destruction? is she's weak, why not just step on her neck?

  5. The treaty (covenant), which is actually what begins the 70th Week of Daniel, is a deception by the Anti-messiah in order for him to take over the Temple Mount. It is not Satan's intent to destroy Israel until the middle of the 70th Week (Rev.12:13ff.) Satan has desired from the beginning to rule Jerusalem (Isaiah 14:13 ; the "mount of assembly in the recesses of the north" is the temple mount facing north toward the Megiddo Valley - in relation to Jerusalem, eschatological evil comes from the north). While it is possible that Israel might be negotiating the treaty from a position of relative strength rather than weakness, that sure does not seem to be the way the middle-east condition is developing. What I was trying to demonstrate in the article is the danger that the US is in because of the decreasing loyalty to Israel - bad theology has led to bad economics and bad politics, and perhaps soon we'll see bad military decisions. I wonder if Psalm 122:6 is on anybody's mind today? Of course we worship the sovereign God, without Whom there could be no prophecy.

  6. oh i agree that we should be supporting her!

    i find it interesting that the land she has acquired through having been attacked is now resented by so many. it just shows that regardless of the condition of Israel (weakness or strength), she is/has been despised by the world and the prince of this world.

    praying for her peace as well. lamenting that our country does not take a greater role in it.

  7. As a nation each and every time we have turned our backs on Israel we have have suffered severe consequences. Lest we forget 9/11 and all the other times we have snubbed our noses at them. Knowing only enough to be dangerous biblically but having enough common sense to know what is right, in Gods desire and needs I think we are truly going to feel pain like never before if we continue in this direction. May God save us all.