Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Glimmer of Hope, But Then??

Maybe the previous article along with the prayers and outcries of many of us, actually did some good! Charles (Chas) Freeman actually "removed himself from consideration to head the US National Intelligence Council, a position President Barak Obama tapped him for ...". Why? Because he was "heavily criticized by Israel advocacy groups and congressional Republicans" whom he called "unscrupulous people". Read the Article on Charles Freeman. Thanks to all of you "unscrupulous" ;-) friends out there!

But, here is another headline - "Clinton:There Will Be a Palestinian State, Jerusalem Will Be Its Capital". See Hillary Clinton's comments. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "all but guaranteed that her government will clash with Netanyahu's when she suggested in a joint press conference with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that for Washington, the division of Jerusalem is a foregone conclusion."

I would suggest that Obama, Clinton, and company read Joel 3:1-2 in the Bible and see that there is a coming judgment pronounced by God on behalf of Israel especially for those who have "divided up My land".

Trying to not be on either side usually means you are taking the wrong side - it seems to be in this case.