Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome to "The Equipper" Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to "The Equipper" blog.

My purpose in doing this is to bring edification and help to leaders and workers in many varieties of church ministry. I am not going to limit myself very much, at least at the start. I will be dealing with Biblical exposition, theological issues, leadership questions, cultural/news perspectives, preaching, book reviews, counseling topics, etc. Sometimes I will just be trying to answer questions I receive. Again, I want to edify and help, not solve all of the world's problems. Perhaps this will become a bit of a forum from time to time, but that is not necessarily a goal.

Why is there a need for another blog/journal doing these things? Maybe there isn't - time will tell. But what may be different from some others is that I will be reflecting a "remnantal" kind of ministry/worldview. I guess we'll find out how different that is.

By "remnantal" I mean that there is a shrinking number of the biblically faithful at the end of the end of this Church age. There have been "difficult times" throughout the entire age (Second Timothy 3:1), but the "time" (singular, Second Timothy 4:3) that is predicted "when they will not endure sound doctrine, but wanting to have their ears tickled they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires ..." seems to be in full bloom. The order of the day seems to be "find out what people want to hear and give it to them" rather than faithful exposition of the Word of God. God's faithful remnant will be persecuted (Second Timothy 3:12) and mocked (Second Peter 3:3ff.), even by those who profess to be "the church". But the remnant must remain true to the preaching of the Word of God (Second Timothy 3:14-4:5) and focused on the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ (Second Timothy 4:6-8).

It is my goal, then, to be of help and encouragement to this remnant - that they might remain steadfast and solid in this increasingly difficult time for doing ministry. May God be pleased to raise up these end-time warriors for His glory.


  1. I'm looking forward to being equipped, dr. shearer, sounds as though you will be bringing some great things. In Christ, Steve Mitchell garden City GBC, Roanoke, VA

  2. welcome back to the blogosphere brother!